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Continuous growth is the best way to fast track your business.

If traditional financing options haven’t worked for you in the past, you do not need to worry—we can help you attain the credit you need to grow your business.

CrystalFi is the best option. We offer invoice factoring and purchase order financing service to businesses with growth potential.

Acquire the Funding You Need for Success

Low Rates

CrystalFi rates start as low as 1.00%. Easily fulfill large orders and propel your business growth.

Receive Funding Quickly

CrystalFi offers quick payouts and can give you funding within 48 hours after your application is approved.

Protect Your Business Reputation

In any industry, your reputation is priceless. With CrystalFi, you can afford to fill orders on time and promote client satisfaction.

We care about helping your business succeed in the short and long run.

That’s why we aim to:

Put your business needs first

Communicate clearly and professionally at every stage of the financing process

Pay attention to every detail you need to thrive

How We Work

Call us to review your options

Provide us with your 1-page application and documents

Receive Term Sheet within 24 Hours

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Cash flow is one of the reasons why businesses fall short.

Our services can help your business grow significantly.

CrystalFi offers alternative financing options for businesses just like yours. We provide Invoice Factoring and Purchase Order Financing services that allow you to get quick funding exactly when you need it. You no longer have to worry about whether or not you can afford to expand—you can simply get right to work growing your enterprise.

We serve a diverse range of industries:

● Apparel & Women’s Accessories
● Automotive & Aviation Parts
● Beverage & Wine
● Cable Service & Cellular Tower Contractors
● Directional Drilling
● Energy
● Food Service & Confectionery
● Government Contractors
● Manufacturing
● Personal Protection Equipment (PPE)

If you’re ready to propel your business to success, pick up the phone and call CrystalFi at 1-888-709-8867 today.


“Their service, and attention to detail had me in and out of the office in less than an hour. Their continued support, and the personal touch makes me feel like an individual, not a number.”

– Daniela Barazarte

If you are looking to do business with professionals, this is the company for you. I absolutely love AA bankers so happy I came to them. And their customer service is outstanding. Always happy to help you. Thank you so much for being awesome.

– Michael Rod

I know AA Bankers for more than 5 years and I highly recommend if you are in need of financing and/or factoring services. Ask for Eddie, he is the best!

– Edgar Gomez